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As a marketing firm, we started here in Nashville putting life into our clients' brands with our personal touch and tailored experiences for our clients' consumers. We make sure each consumer of our clients experiences a catered interaction. As a result, of the quality of work we produce the clients are looking for demand from our end.


Pulse is a women owned company. The CEO herself, Kara Lunny, is a south Florida native. Her degree and Alma Mater are from Auburn University. WAR EAGLE! She moved her life up for the management training program to New York City to be able to train and work on behalf of our clients. She has worked internationally as well as here in the United States. She recently relocated to Nashville for the opportunity to work with our clients here in the south..


Our management team invests in our teams with education and hands-on coaching to perfect the quality of our work for our clients who give us the ability for upward mobility. We pride ourselves in fostering relationships with our team members and nurturing growth professionally as well as personally. The individual itself is important to the growth and development of the office to meet the clients demand.


We work with multiple different clients and multiple different industries. We would never tie ourselves or marry to one particular client or industry because if that client were to fail we would completely fail, as well. We have an inherent stability in numbers. This is what keeps us on the offense and never the defense. We do not specialize, we diversify. So we are always molding and adapting to whatever client we are working with.



These are the industries we focus on as a business, if you don't fall into these sectors don't worry we are always excited to work in new industries just give us a call!


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With our Fortune 500 Clients also known as our Blue Chip clients or Household Brands these clients outsource us for our quality that we are able to scale out. They seek us not necessarily for more brand awareness but to gain them more market share or a larger percent of the pie compared to their competitors.


Donation Boxes

Our Non-Profit Clients outsource us for our ability to generate life-time value customers and well done brand representation. The reason being, no one will donate to a non-profit with a poor reputation. How we generate life-time value customers and guarantee long-term contributors is by making sure we are only signing up people who are quality willing to stay long-term with the charity. This sector is our main focus right now.


Startup Team

Growth Industries outsource us for our brand awareness and our ability to adapt as well as perform experiential marketing campaigns. These clients are also known as our start-up companies. For these clients we can really be creative and dabble in many different methods. In addition, we usually only work with their clients in the first three to five years, right before they swing and hit the mass market.



These clients are more of our seasonal clients. Our job for these clients is to bring in consumers during their off seasons. These clients are a much more unique style of client with there being so much conflict with the times they are available to work with us.




The services we provide our clients are customer acquisitions, brand awareness, we are more cost effective than their competitors, we are time efficient, and we produce amazing quality.

Our clients paid us for producing exceptional results. Companies delegate their direct marketing and sales to us. We as a company have no products or services of our own, just the clients we are currently working with. We only deal with our clients products or services. We cater a personalized experience for our clients and consumers which helps us build long term relationships with our clients. We believe that providing a customized service is what enables us to best bring out the uniqueness of a brand and what the brand stands for. As we only charge for the exceptional results we produce, we are able to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients and are not money oriented but goal oriented. We understand and believe that it is important to produce the results first. We produce high quality work within limited time constraints and we thrive under pressure. We believe that our clients love seeing results immediately. Thus, our client is our priority. We ensure that we maintain an exceptional standard in all the work which we do. This also allows us to maintain the demand which we receive from our clients. Our work is catered to our clients and consumers, and we promote our clients by building a trustworthy and engaging relationship with their consumers. Overall, we produce high-end quality of work which provides us a level of demand from our clients.

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All of our clients, even our Fortune 500 have a huge demand for our quality & content of work. The more demand, the more markets that need to be open. The market is growing & it is because of our brand representation. We are projected to expand our markets in the following upcoming years. Our clients need 20 markets open in this year alone and 200 markets open in the next 5 years

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Ambitious. Motivated. Movers and Shakers.

In regards to our office culture, we have created an upbeat and modern team oriented environment that cultivates diversity and a sense of unity. We pride ourselves in our multi-cultural team and our ability to provide different perspectives in the workplace. The individual itself is important to the growth and development of the office to meet the clients demand.






Passion to grow

As a company we are looking to maintain our ability to bring a personal touch to our clients' consumers, while giving our team members a diverse company culture with a level of growth because of the demand and quality we have produced for our clients. As a result of the quality of work we bring, our clients are looking for a level of growth from us. We are excited by the aspect of growth into new markets and providing our employees opportunities of travel and room for upward mobility career wise


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“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

Derek Jeter

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

John F. Kennedy

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”

 Eleanor Roosevelt

 “Superficial goals lead to superficial results…..”

Attila The Hun